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Explore [4WD Navigation]

1 Hema Explorer [General] - Converting data from Hema Navigator for use with Hema Explorer

You may have been using a Hema Navigator for some period of time, and have accumulated some data in the offroad application (OziExplorer) while using it. This data…

2 Hema Explorer [General] - What scales are the map layers?

The map layer sources you have access to vary in scale. Map layers cover a range of zoom levels. Zoom levels equate to scale. The table below shows the scales of…

3 Can I load OziExplorer or other format maps on the HX-1

No, this is not possible. The HX-1 Explore mode uses tiled maps, and this is NOT compatible with other mapping formats (OziExplorer OZF, Memory-Map QCT, etc.)

4 Keyboard hides save button

On some dialog screens, when entering data, the keyboard hides the Save button. For example, on the Waypoint Save dialog, the keyboard covers the buttons at the…