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Memory-Map [Topo mode]

1 Memory-Map [Topo mode] - How to install Memory-Map DVD map products

Purpose To install and license the Memory Map Topo product to your computer and to the SD card of your Hema Navigator. It will also be likely that you will need…

2 Memory-Map [Topo mode] - Displays error message "GPS: Can't open COM port" during startup

The most likely cause of this message is that the internal GPS COM port that Memory-Map uses to talk to the GPS receiver within the Navigator has been changed in…

3 Memory-Map [Topo mode] - VIDEO - Adding / Editing Waypoints

4 Memory-Map [Topo mode] - Disabling Startup Tutorial screens

When I start Memory-Map (TOPO) on my Navigator, I have to tap the screen five times before the application starts. Why is this? Memory-Map displays five TUTORIAL…

5 Memory-Map [Topo mode] - Transferring data between the Memory-Map PC program and the Navigator

Memory-Map's PC software does NOT support direct transfer of data to / from the Hema Navigator. It only supports a small handful of devices directly. Say you have…