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Video Tutorials

1 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Planning a Route

2 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Updating iGO Maps using naviextras Toolbox

This video assumes that you have already connected your HN5i or HN6, or HN7 to your PC in USB mode. While the video was created based on the HN5i, it applies equally…

3 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Adding / Editing Waypoints

4 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Switching Between Maps

5 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Using the Name Search function

6 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Navigating with OziExplorer

How to use EziOzi on the HN6 to plan trips and navigate in 4WD mode.

7 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Changing the user interface

8 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Using Camps Australia Wide POIs

NOTE This video shows the process using Camps 6. Functionality is the same regardless of which version of the Camps POIs that you are using .

9 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Route Planning

10 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - iGO Route Settings

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