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HN5a and HN5i Navigator - Lost SD card - what do I do?

Author: Robert Taylor Reference Number: AA-00392 Views: 7324 Created: 2014-05-02 14:12 Last Updated: 2014-05-02 14:29 0 Rating/ Voters

The HN5 models share the same folder structure on the SD card.

It can be a good idea to take a copy of your SD card to your PC to use as a backup in an emergency.

If you lose the SD card, or it fails, you need another card, as the SD card is where all the 4WD mapping sits.

If you don't have a backup copy of the SD card, you can re-create the card content as follows:

Buy a new SD card (8Gb should be large enough, depending on whether you have additional maps loaded).

Create the following folder structure on the SD card while it is inserted in your PC

HN5 SD Card structure

Please note the purpose of each folder below

MandatoryFolder NamePurpose
 Media Files storage of MP3 or video files for the inbuilt media player
Yes Memory-Map storage of Memory-Map (topo) offroad map files
Yes Memory-Map-GPS-Data storage of Memory-Map (topo) data, such as saved marks etc.
Yes OziExplorer Data storage of OziExplorer (4WD) data, such as exported waypoints, etc.
Yes OziExplorer Log Book storage of OziExplorer (4WD) Log Book Entries
Yes OziExplorer Maps storage of OziExplorer (4WD) offroad map files

So if you have a blank SD card, and the DVDs which came with your Navigator.

  1. Put the card into a card reader attached to your PC (you may need to use the SD card adapter which came with your unit).
  2. Create the folders as shown in the table above.
  3. Copy the maps from the folders on the DVDs to the appropriate folders on the SD card. (it SHOULD be fairly self-evident which folder contain the maps on each DVD).

The OziExplorer disc contains maps which should go in the OziExplorer Maps folder on the SD card.

The Memory-Map disc contains maps which should go in the Memory-Map folder on the SD card.

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