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Route66 [Street mode] - What do the status icons mean in Route66 Sync?

Author: Robert Taylor Reference Number: AA-00294 Views: 7091 Created: 2014-04-28 20:37 Last Updated: 2014-05-14 13:53 0 Rating/ Voters

The Route66 Sync program will display a different icon next to content (maps, safety cameras etc.) to indicate the content's status.

The icons you may see and their meanings are shown below:

Icon Meaning Explanation
Locked Content is LOCKED This means you do not have a license (or permission) to use this content.
Unlocked Content is UNLOCKED This means that you have the content installed, and you have a valid license (or permission) to use that content.
Timed Content is TIMED This means that you have the content and a valid license to use this content, but the content will expire at some future time.
Not Found Content NOT FOUND This means that you have a valid license to use this content, but the content is not actually available. This could mean, for example, that you have a license to use a particular map, but the map is not on your device.
Partial Partial Download This means that you have started downloading or transferring some content to your PC or your device, and the transfer has been interrupted. This means that the content is not usable, and the transfer can be restarted at a later time.

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