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Navigator [General] - Using Microsoft ActiveSync

Author: Robert Taylor Reference Number: AA-00215 Views: 30122 Created: 2014-04-28 20:37 Last Updated: 2014-07-18 11:45 0 Rating/ Voters

ActiveSync is software which provides a communication path between your PC and your Navigator.

It runs only on Microsoft Windows XP and earlier operating systems.

Official Support for Windows XP has now ended.

Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014.

More info on Microsoft's website at

If you have Microsoft Windows Vista Windows 7, or Windows 8, please check the related article in our knowledgebase here:

Using Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Centre

Download Microsoft ActiveSync for your PC by clicking the icon below. (approx 7.5Mb download size)

Click here to download file

The software is also hosted on Microsoft's website, but it's easier to find here!

Configuring the HN5A and HN5i Navigators to use USB Windows Sync mode

Remember, to make the connection in ActiveSync, the HN5 model Navigators MUST be set to Sync Mode for the connection to work.

HN5A Navigator
HN5i Navigator
 Sync Mode icon When you first plug the Navigator into the PC USB port, the Mode Selection screen appears.
After plugging into the PC, the mode selection screen only appears for about 5 seconds.
Tap the Center GREEN button on the Navigator screen when the Navigator is first connected to the PC USB port.
If you do not choose one of the three modes, the Navigator defaults to the Sync Mode connection, so you can either tap the icon, or leave it to automatically connect in Sync Mode.

Configuring the HN6 Navigator to use USB Windows Sync mode

Remember, to make the connection in Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) or ActiveSync, the HN6 model Navigator MUST be set to Sync Mode for the connection to work.

 HN6 Navigator
 HN6 USB Options Screen For connection via ActiveSync, the Windows Sync option must be selected on the HN6 USB option screen.
Save Settings button
Remember to tap the Save settings button after making a change.

Configuring the HN7 Navigator to use USB Windows Sync mode

HN7 Navigator USB Option screen For connection via ActiveSync, the Windows Sync option must be selected on the HN7 USB option screen.
Save Settings button
Remember to tap the Save settings button after making a change.

Once you have installed Microsoft ActiveSync on your Windows XP PC, it should start up when you plug the Navigator in. You can start it manually from the Start Menu if you prefer.


The first time you plug in the Navigator after installing ActiveSync may take a little longer, as the drivers need to be installed before ActiveSync can access the Navigator.

When ActiveSync is running, but there is no device connected, the ActiveSync window will look as shown below:

ActiveSync - Not Connected

ActiveSync shows that there are no devices connected.

You will also see in the System Tray (at bottom-right corner of Windows XP Desktop), that there is an ActiveSync icon. The icon is coloured GREY when there are no devices connected, and GREEN when a device is connected.

System Tray - ActiveSync icon - No Device Connected System Tray - ActiveSync icon - Device Connected

Once your device is connected, ActiveSync will prompt you to set up a partnership between your device and the PC.

You do not need to set up a partnership to use the Navigator via ActiveSync!

ActiveSync - Set Up a Partnership prompt

ActiveSync - Next button

Click the No radio button, and then click the Next button to complete the connection (without a partnership being formed).

ActiveSync - Cancel button

You can also click the Cancel button on the New Partnership window. If you do so, you will receive the prompt shown below:

ActiveSync - Partnership Not Set Up warning

ActiveSync - OK button

Simply click the OK button on this warning window to continue.

Once the connection is established, you will see the new status in the ActiveSync window, as shown below.

ActiveSync - Connected

You will also notice that the ActiveSync icon in the System Tray is now GREEN, also indicating that your device is connected successfully.

Notice that you are connected as a Guest (as opposed to establishing a partnership). This is all that is required to establish a usable connection between the Navigator and the PC.

ActiveSync - Explore button

Clicking the explore button will allow you to browse the content of your Navigator using Windows Explorer as you would any other storage device.


Do not delete files or folders stored on your Navigator unless you fully understand what you are doing!

Deleting critical files or folders stored on your Navigator may cause issues loading maps, or cause it to stop functioning, or both, requiring service with associated costs.

Sometimes it seems to take a few tries before Microsoft ActiveSync behaves itself.

To uninstall and re-install the software:

  1. Ensure the Navigator is NOT connected to your PC
  2. Uninstall the software from the Windows Control Panel
  3. Re-install ActiveSync by double-clicking the installer. It should be where you saved it to when you downloaded it from our website above.
  4. Once you have re-installed the software, the first time you plug in the Navigator, it might take 2-3 minutes to setup the USB drivers which get installed along with the software.

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