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Drive [Street Navigation]

1 HX-1 [Drive] - Performing updates using Naviextras Toolbox PC software Featured

To perform updates to the Drive mode maps on the HX-1 Navigator, follow the steps below. Naviextras is the company who provides the street mapping which is installed…

2 HX-1 [Drive] - Updating to Camps 10 POI data Featured

NOTE! Make sure you use the Check for Updates option from the Settings panel on your HX-1 to ensure you have the latest software package(s) installed prior to attempting…

3 iGO [Street mode] - Incorrect Speed Limit displayed while driving

NOTE! This article applies to the following Navigator model(s): HN5i HN6 HN7 HX-1 When driving in iGO, you will normally see an indicator of the current speed of…

4 Why are my Street maps out-of-date?

One of the most common questions or complaints is Why are the maps outdated? Let’s look at the normal flow of information starting with the people who map the…

5 HX1 Drive Update Instructions

Please find attached the instructions on how to purchase updates for the Drive program.