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Video Tutorials

11 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Using the Name Search function

12 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Using Camps Australia Wide POIs

NOTE This video shows the process using Camps 6. Functionality is the same regardless of which version of the Camps POIs that you are using .

13 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Route Planning

14 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - iGO Route Settings

15 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Planning a Route using Coordinates

16 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Map Screen Customisation

17 HN7 Navigator - VIDEO - How to use the Search In All function

How to use the Search In All function on the HN7, which allows you to simply type in a keyword(s) to discover places and points of interest around you. Find fuel…

18 Navigator [General] - VIDEO - Using the Camps Australia Wide data

How to find and plan a route to a Camps & Caravan Parks Australia Wide points of interest around you or at a specific location, and how to access facility information,…

19 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Understanding Wayponts

This tutorial explains how to add, edit, access and use waypoints in 4WD mode on the Hema Navigator products.