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Video Tutorials

11 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Route Planning

12 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Using Camps Australia Wide POIs

NOTE This video shows the process using Camps 6. Functionality is the same regardless of which version of the Camps POIs that you are using .

13 HN7 Navigator - VIDEO - How to customise the iGO map screen

How to customise what you see onscreen while in Street Navigation on the HN7, including personalising the Info Panel, altering volume levels, and accessing current…

14 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - iGO Route Settings

15 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Planning a Route using Coordinates

16 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - VIDEO - Understanding Wayponts

This tutorial explains how to add, edit, access and use waypoints in 4WD mode on the Hema Navigator products.

17 iGO [Street mode] - VIDEO - Map Screen Customisation

18 Navigator [General] - VIDEO - Using the Camps Australia Wide data

How to find and plan a route to a Camps & Caravan Parks Australia Wide points of interest around you or at a specific location, and how to access facility information,…

19 HN7 Navigator - VIDEO - How to use the Search In All function

How to use the Search In All function on the HN7, which allows you to simply type in a keyword(s) to discover places and points of interest around you. Find fuel…