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iGO [Street Mode] - How does the 2-year update work?

Author: Robert Taylor Reference Number: AA-00464 Views: 12473 Created: 2014-08-15 07:11 Last Updated: 2016-06-07 08:50 50 Rating/ 1 Voters

When you buy a Hema Navigator containing the iGO street navigation software (HN5i, HN6, or HN7), you are entitled to map and Camps POI updates for a period of 2 years.

What does this mean in practice and how does it work?

All iGO software installations contain a license which means that they will never "expire".

Prior to shipping your Navigator to a dealer, Hema Maps "activates" the unit by installing a specific add-on license on it. This license is what permits you to update at no charge for the 2 year period.

The iGO street map installed on the Navigator is the latest version available at the time of activation.

When does the 2 year period start?

The 2 year period is deemed to start when either of the following conditions occurs:

  • You install the Navigator in your car, go for a drive, obtain a GPS fix, and drive 10-20 kilometres
  • You connect the Navigator to your PC and register it with naviextras (the map update provider) using the naviextras Toolbox software

Once the unit is "active" after either of the above two events, the 2 year period is ticking.

What happens when my 2 year "free update" period is finished?

You can continue to use your unit, the currently installed map version does not stop working.

You can connect your Navigator up to your PC, and check for updates using the naviextras Toolbox software.

However, if there are updates (to map or Camps POI data) available, you will not be able to download them at no cost as you have in the past.

You will need to purchase a new map license for the map you wish to use.

naviextras provide a range of licensing options when and if you choose to purchase an update.

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