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HN5i Navigator - iGO [Street mode] - How to do updates

Author: Robert Taylor Reference Number: AA-00410 Views: 22241 Created: 2014-05-05 13:11 Last Updated: 2016-06-07 08:56 75 Rating/ 1 Voters

How to do updates to the iGO street navigation data on an HN5i

This article relates specifically to the HN5i Navigator model

It contains no information pertinent to other Navigator models.

Overview of the iGO / naviextras map update process

  1. Make sure you have created a user account with naviextras via their website
  2. Download the naviextras Toolbox software from the naviextras website, and install it on your PC
  3. Start the naviextras Toolbox program on your PC
  4. Switch on the Navigator. If already on, reset the Navigator using the reset button on the unit
  5. Make sure the Navigator is set to USB / Mass Storage mode in settings
  6. Make sure that the Navigator is sitting at the main menu (ie. NOT running the iGO [Street mode] program
  7. Connect the Navigator to the PC using the USB cable
  8. Wait for naviextras Toolbox to detect the Navigator
  9. Perform updates / purchases etc. as required
  10. Disconnect Navigator and PC

These instructions are the same for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Configuring the HN5i Navigator to use USB Mass Storage mode

HN5i Navigator Mass Storage Mode button When you first plug the Navigator into the PC USB port, the Mode Selection screen appears.
After plugging into the PC, the mode selection screen only appears for about 5 seconds.
Tap the Left-hand BLUE button on the Navigator screen when the Navigator is first connected to the PC USB port.
If you do not choose one of the three modes, the Navigator defaults to the Sync Mode connection, so you can either tap the icon, or leave it to automatically connect in Sync Mode.


It has come to our attention that Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 software can interfere with the smooth running of the update process, and there have also been occasions where other anti-virus or firewall software have caused issues.
If you experience difficulty getting the naviextras Toolbox software to recognise that your device is connected, it might be worth disabling the software for the duration of the update, and then re-enable it after the update process is complete.
Most software of this nature has the facility to let you suspend it for a set time period (eg. 10 minutes), and then automatically re-enable it once that time period has expired.

Updating maps using naviextras Toolbox

To update maps for iGO (Street Nav) on the Hema Navigator:

  1. Go to the naviextras website at

  2. Create an account for yourself on the naviextras website. Point to the login button and click register as shown below

Naviextras Website - Login menu

  1. Specify your device Model as Hema Navigator HN6 when you create your account.

  2. Once you create your account an email will be sent to to confirm / activate your account. You need to activate the account from the email which is sent when you create your account before logging in.

  3. Go to the naviextras website to download the Toolbox software: NOTE you cannot download the software until you have registered and logged into your account.

  4. Download the naviextras Toolbox installer program to your PC.

  5. Install naviextras Toolbox program on your PC.

  6. Make sure the Navigator is NOT connected to the PC at this point.

  7. Power on the Navigator, if it is not already on.

  8. Make sure that the Navigator is sitting at the Main Menu (Street / 4WD)

  9. Push the Reset button on the Navigator using the stylus. This will re-boot the HN6 to the main (Street & 4WD) page. Plug in your Navigator. REMEMBER! YOUR NAVIGATOR MUST BE IN MASS STORAGE MODE FOR NAVIEXTRAS TOOLBOX TO RECOGNISE IT. See this Knowledgebase Article for details.

  10. Start the naviextras Toolbox software on your PC. If you have had the Toolbox software installed for a period of time, you may be notified that there is a new version available to download and install. You should always update the software to the latest version if there is one available.

  11. naviextras Toolbox will detect your device, and let you know what updates, if any, are available for your device.

  12. If the Toolbox displays a message indicating that your iGO software was not closed down cleanly, you can safely tap the IGNORE button to continue the process.

    Naviextras Toolbox Irregular shutdown detected message

  13. The third button down on the left-hand side of the naviextras Toolbox window will display "Updates" if there are updates available to install.

  14. If there are updates available, click the Updates button on the left-hand side, then click the Install button to install available updates.

  15. You can also perform functions such as backing up your existing content using naviextras Toolbox. If you will be performing updates, naviextras Toolbox will prompt you do a backup prior to the updates being applied.

    It is recommended that you do a backup prior to doing updates.

    See the following knowledgebase article for details about naviextras backups: iGO [Street mode] - naviextras Toolbox - Backup

  16. Log in to your account. naviextras Toolbox options can be set so that in future sessions it will log you in automatically.

Device button If there are NO updates pending for your Navigator, naviextras Toolbox will simply show the Device button third from the top on the left-hand side of the window.
Updates button If there ARE updates pending for your Navigator, naviextras Toolbox will show the Updates button third from the top on the left-hand side of the window, IN PLACE OF THE DEVICE BUTTON..

Do you want to purchase maps for other countries?

naviextras Toolbox also incorporates a store function where you can purchase additional content, such as maps for other countries.

Click the Related Articles link below showing the process of purchasing additional content.

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