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Navigator [General] - Cannot access Navigator internal memory when browsing on Windows XP PC

Author: Robert Taylor Reference Number: AA-00340 Views: 9454 Created: 2014-04-28 20:37 Last Updated: 2014-07-18 11:46 0 Rating/ Voters

Official Support for Windows XP has now ended.

Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014.

More info on Microsoft's website at

Depending on which updates have been applied to WindowsXP, sometimes it may have trouble reading the content of the internal memory of the Navigator.

This sometimes manifests as WindowsXP prompting you to "format the drive" before you can use it. Basically, if WindowsXP cannot read the filesystem on a drive, its solution is to format the drive.

Do not format the drive in this case! Doing so would generally render your Navigator unusable!

It might seem strange that your PC can read the content of the SD card, and not the internal memory. Note however that the format of the SD card is FAT32 (a very common file system), whereas the internal memory is TFAT or EXFAT.

Newer windows operating systems (such as Windows 7 & 8) can read these file systems without any problems. Because Windows XP is older, it cannot understand these newer filesystems.

Microsoft have produced a hotfix which can patch your WindowsXP operating system so that it can read the EXFAT filesystem.

Click the link below to open the Microsoft page with details regarding the Hotfix, and download links to download the Hotfix.

You will need to download the appropriate Hotfix to suit your WindowsXP installation.

When prompted, make sure you SAVE the file to your PC, and then RUN it after download. Do not attempt to just RUN it directly from the download link.

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